Here I want to share the earthing work of our communication tower for the WISP project. We used a 1.5m earthing rod which was filled with some kind of earthing chemicals, but what exactly what was used inside the rod I am not sure(if anybody knows let me us know in the comment section). Then a sack of earthing chemical compound, the top plastic cover(green colored), and an electrical pipe were required. These are shown in the picture below.

After completion, the earthing below the earth with green cover on the sideways road is shown below.

For earthing the WISP tower, we had to do several work. First we had to dig a hole according to the size of the earthing rod. Then we inserted the grounding rod. Then the earthing chemical compound was mixed with water and poured into the earth around the rod. Electrical pipe was laid so that the earthing cable can be connected to the earthing rod electrical connector. Then both the electrical pipe and the remaining area were covered with the mud.

The electrical connection from the tower lighting arresting rod to the earthed or grounded rod has still to be done. Tomorrow the tower will be erected(i hope) and then only we can make the required connection.

The following video shows the whole work.