I am happy today because yesterday the construction of the base for the communication tower begins. I have already ordered a silver colored galvanized 6m tower for our wireless internet service. Today or tomorrow the tower will be completed and the details sent to me. On the site however, things were moving slow and just yesterday I went to the top to see whats happening there. To my delight, I saw the I-beams for the base of the tower which is shown below.

These I-beams will be used to connect the four pillar. Shown below is the tower pillar onto which on the base our tower will be constructed.

The advertisement board that you see on top of the pillar will be removed. So little progress has been made. I expect to finalize the tower payment and received at the port in balaju two days after. That tower will be transported from balaju to the site which is in samakhusi chowk. Then it will be transported from the road to the top of the building. Finally the tower will be installed. That’s the roadmap.