I have been busy on completing the WISP tower that we have been building for our wireless internet service(WISP) project, the Direct Media WISP project. During the tower erect work I captured some pictures and videos for record purpose which I wanted to share here.

First the tower was bought on a van as shown in the picture below.

Now the tower parts on the van was carried to the top of the building. The pictures below shows the tower parts on the top of the building ready to be fitted.

Three plates had to be fitted first on the I-beams so that the tower could be removed from the tower base of the building. The following picture shows the plates fitted for the center tower part.

Then the center tower part was erected. A distance view is shown below. At this time we spent some time to check whether the tower is vertical exactly or not. We tested with the level meter. After we were satisfied, the tower was tighten with big screws and nuts to the tower base plates.

After this first tower fitting work I did not find much time to take pictures because I had to help in the work. But I was able to take videos time to time. You can watch series of videos of tower installation work below.

The view of the tower from the road with zoom are shown below.

We also had to earthen the tower which is explained in WISP tower earthing.