Here I wanted to share some pictures and videos of where the core network for the direct media WISP project will be installed. We have rented a space for equipment room/office and for 6m high tower for antenna in a building which is shown below.

Few days ago, we had final discussion about the tower installation. I have been running after this work for one month and still the base for my tower is still not completed. It was not easy as I initially thought. The building manager wanted a structural engineer to evaluate and come up with a plan. I held meeting between the tower engineer and the structural engineer, few weeks ago. They discussed various aspects of the tower and how to install them onto the building such as beam size, tower materials, size and weight, screw and bolt sizes etc. I took the picture of their drawing on a paper.

The structural engineer gave the building manger the sketch of the base(what type and size of metal for the beam). There are also holes in the I-shaped beams for installing the tower.

The picture below shows the place of tower construction on the top of the building.

Since the painting was done, I installed the light bulbs, DB box. When it was finished it was 8pm and it was dark. But after working non-stop to complete the light related works, I wanted to see the light turned on. Below is picture I took after the light was turned on for the first time in this equipment office.

In the picture above you can see the electrician fitting the wall socket boxes.

Next day I asked them to put the glass wall and the door at the other end. The door could not be installed because it has to be ordered and arrive which they said will take a week. But I asked them to install the glass wall which they did and can be seen in the picture below.

There is still one bulb to be fitted in the balcony so the electrician came back and is about to fix the outside light bulb.

Now I have to fit the lock on the main door, connect the main line to the db box and bring the furniture and equipment and fit them.